200 Club

Membership of the Foundation’s 200 Club is open to both members and non members and is a way of supporting the Charity and its aims.

For more information or to join the 200 Club please email:  info@emotionaltherapeuticcounselling.org.uk or complete the application form here.

You can download a standing order form here.

It is only £12 per share per year to join, and of each £12, £6.00 goes on prizes and £6.00 to the Subsidised Therapy Fund.  So far this fund has benefitted by giving access to counselling to those who may not otherwise be able to afford it, to the tune of over £1000, with an equal amount being won by 200 Club members.

You can have as many £12 shares as you like, and this makes a great gift for friends.

200 Club Rules

200 CLub

FETC 200 Club Winners
Date Name Amount
June 2017 Hugh McDonnell £39.00
July 2017 Gill Loader £39.00
August 2017 Jane Mann £39.00
September 2017 Philippa Northover £39.00
October 2017 Bill Lumley £39.00
November 2017 Number 7 Philippa Northover £42.00
December 2017 Number 88 David Hayes £42.00
January 2018 Number 2 Philippa Northover £42.00
February 2018 Number 72 Natasha Bell £42.00
March 2018 Number 27 Eva Turrell £42.00
April 2018 Number 19 Jane Mann £42.00
May 2018 Number 68 Ray Innes £43.00