CPD Subjects

These are the CPD subjects open to non-members for the year 2018/2019.   These CPD days cost £100 for the day and carry 6 CPD points, for which a certificate will be issued. In addition non-members can attend our Annual Conference and our Foundation Day which are eligible for CPD hours.   Booking information.

Saturday 16th February 2019
Dream Work
This workshop is designed to give participants a basic understanding of the therapeutic value of dream work

Saturday 13th April 2019
Loss & Bereavement
The aim of this workshop is to increase understanding of the feelings in the bereavement process and to help therapists to work with the bereaved.

Saturday 15th June 2019
Whole Self
This workshop encourages participants to question what the ingredients of wholeness might be and to explore this concept at a personal level.

Saturday 14th/Sunday 15th  September 2019
Aspects of Child Sexual Abuse
This workshop gives participants a greater understanding of child sexual abuse and to extend awareness of the ways in which we can help our clients.

Saturday 19th/Sunday 20th October 2019
Suicidal Feelings
This workshop gives participants the opportunity to understand their own beliefs around suicide, and to find out how we can help those who are bereaved by suicide and those with suicidal feelings

Saturday 14th/Sunday15th December
Visualisation and Imagery
This workshop is designed to give an understanding of visualisation and imagery, the opportunity to experience guided and free-flow imagery, and to practise of each other.