How can we help you?

listen not judge

Persistently unhappy?            Depressed?                Confused?

  Anxious all the time?            Ill health?              Eating disorder?

Family problems?             Relationship gone wrong?

Can’t cope?

“Often the problem is that I don’t know what the problem is”

“I feel stuck.  I am repeating past mistakes and following the same old patterns”

“Sometimes I do know what the problem is and what it is about, but I am unable to feel any different”

“I want to move on, but don’t know how.  I want something to change.  What’s stopping me?”

“I need a safe place to face the difficulties in my life and understand where they have come from”

Through our belief that emotional wellbeing is the key to a contented, fulfilling life, Emotional Therapeutic Counselling aims to bring a person to a wholeness of mind body and spirit.

Emotional Therapeutic Counselling seeks to help those who are suffering emotional turmoil in their lives, whether brought about by a crisis, a long term situation, persistent unhappiness, depression, apathy or difficulties in relating to others.

A key aspect of Emotional Therapeutic Counselling is the range of techniques used by the therapist to assist the client to both recognise and release painful feelings in an appropriate manner, by working with the emotions rather than the mind.

Therapy goes at the client’s pace and the number of sessions will vary according to a client’s needs.

The Foundation’s therapeutic counsellors are trained to the highest standards and subscribe to our Code of Conduct and Ethics which requires commitment to ongoing training and supervision.