Stage 3 Advanced Diploma

yin yangTo achieve Stage 3 Advanced Diploma Level, practicing Emotional Therapeutic Counsellors are encouraged to build up case studies with the consent of their clients over a minimum period of two years (or 200 hours) of supervised practice.  The therapist then presents three case studies together with a written presentation, to a Viva Board appointed by the Council.

Success at this stage leads to the counsellor being awarded the Foundation’s Advanced Diploma.  He or she will continue to have a supervisor for guidance and support.

Stage 3 Advanced Diploma members may be invited to go on to train as a trainer for the Foundation and/or as a supervisor of other Emotional Therapeutic Counsellors.

Training to Stage 3 Advanced Diploma level involves not less than 550 working hours comprising approximately 208 contact hours, 142 assessed personal study hours (including personal therapy) and a minimum of 200 supervised client hours.

The Stage 3 Advanced Diploma is accredited by the National Counselling Society, and is deemed to be equivalent to NVQ level 5.

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