Stage 2 Diploma Programme

GetAttachment (11)GetAttachment (10)The Stage 2 Diploma Course runs a rolling programme of workshops and study days throughout the year.  Some of these days are suitable as CPD for practising members, and also for non-members from other disciplines, and so it is likely that from time to time other professionals will join students, and, as it is a rolling programme, students who have completed Stage 1 Foundation Level at a different time may join you on some days.  We find this works extremely well as it enriches the overall learning experience.  Our course is externally moderated to ensure consistency of excellent teaching


Workshops and Study Days are held in Cheltenham and start at 9.30 am for a 10.00 am start, and finish at approximately 4.30 pm, and will be on either a Saturday or a Sunday. For students joining the Stage 2 Diploma Level course from March 2019 the cost for each day  is £120.00 per day.  Bookings for each day should be made to Jenny Procter Tel:  01285 650993.  email:  The total cost of the Stage 2 Diploma level from March 2019 will be £2640. This includes all 22 mandatory diploma days, including pre-assessment and assessment, certification, and mentoring.  

Diploma Course Programme 2019/2020

Saturday 15th June 2019 The Whole Self (Worshop) This workshop encourages students to question what the ingredients of wholeness might be and to explore this concept at a personal level
Saturday 13 July Phobias, Panic Attacks & Self Harm (Study Day) This study day allows students to gain a greater understanding and awareness of these issues and the opportunity to practise and introduce these through case study scenarios
Saturday/Sunday14/15 Sept Aspects of Child Sexual Abuse(Workshop) This workshop gives students a greater understanding of all aspects of CSA and to extend awareness of the ways in which ETC can help clients
Saturday/Sunday 19/20 Oct Suicidal Feelings (Workshop) This workshop explores our personal understanding and beliefs about suicide and how we help those bereaved by suicide and those who feel suicidal
Saturday/Sunday 16/17 Nov Communication & Listening Skills(Study Day) The purpose of this day is to develop and practise listening and communication skills within the therapeutic setting
Saturday/Sunday 14/15 Dec Visualisation & Imagery (Workshop) This workshop is designed to give an understanding of visualisation and imagery the opportunity to experience guided and free-flow imager, and to practise skills on each other
TBA First Client Contact & Practice Matters
Saturday/Sunday 18/19 Jan 
Family Dynamics  (Study Day) During this day we look at the complexities of family dynamics and the emotional difficulties that can arise, including skills practise
Saturday/Sunday 15/16 Feb Creative Journal Work (Workshop) This experiential workshop looks into the value of creativity and journal work in the therapeutic setting
 Saturday/Sunday 14/15 March  Revision of Foundation Level Techniques (Study Day) This day gives students the opportunity to revise and practise ETC techniques, thus increasing confidence in how to introduce and work with them
 Saturday/Sunday 18/19 April  Anger & Forgiveness (Workshop) This day explores the concept of anger, including our own relationship with, and experience of, anger, and how to work with this fundamental emotion with clients
 Saturday/Sunday 16/17 May Overview of Counselling Modalities/Student Led Issues (Study Day) During this day we look at the basic concepts of other modalities, their similarities and differences with ETC. The day allows for any student led issues and skills practise.
 Saturday/Sunday 20/21 June  Inner Child (Workshop) This experiential day explores the concept of the inner child, which is fundamental to ETC, underpinning our modality
Saturday/Sunday 18/19 July Fear (Study Day) We all have fears and deal with our fears in different ways.  This day explores the topic of fears from an emotional, somatic and cognitive perspective
August Break
 Saturday/Sunday 19/20 Sept   Addictions & Eating Disorders (Workshop) This workshop explores these debilitating issues from the perspective of the sufferer, but also the emotional difficulties suffered from those lives who are connected with sufferers
Saturday/Sunday 17/18 Oct   Dealing with Anger (Study Day) The aim of this day is to explore the therapist’s and the client’s possible reluctance to dealing with anger. It then focuses on these issues through skills practice
Saturday/Sunday 14/15 Nov  Dreamwork (Workshop) This workshop is designed to give students a basic understanding of the therapeutic value of dream work, which will enable them to facilitate their clients, should it feel appropriate to work in this area
Saturday/Sunday 12/13 Dec  Colour, Strengths & Frailties (Study Day) This day recaps the main techniques introduced in the Foundation Course and gives students the opportunity to practise and introduce these within case study scenarios



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