Stage 1 Foundation Level

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The Foundation Level is the first stage of the training and assessment process leading ultimately and where appropriate to the Foundation’s Diploma (Stage 2).  This first part is a complete course in itself and can be used for personal development and growth alone.  Participants do not need to go on to the next part of the course and develop as a counsellor. However, we are very pleased that nearly all students do progress to diploma level and graduate to become counsellors.


NCS Quality mark

Our Stage 1 Foundation Level has been awarded the National Counselling Society Quality Mark and is deemed equivalent to NVQ level 3.  It is externally moderated to ensure consistency of excellent teaching.




Our current  Stage 1 Foundation Level course is about to finish, and we are now enrolling for our October 2018 course in Cheltenham.  Foundation Level courses consist of 5 weekends over 5 months and our October course begins on Saturday 6th October 2018.    We then have another course starting March 2019.

Course commencing October 2018  Course commencing March 2019
 Weekend One       Saturday/Sunday 06/07 Oct 2018  Weekend One        Saturday/Sunday 09/10 Mar 2019
 Weekend Two      Saturday/Sunday 03/04 Nov 2018  Weekend Two        Saturday/Sunday 06/07 Apr 2019
 Weekend Three   Saturday/Sunday 01/02 Dec 2018  Weekend Three     Saturday/Sunday 04/05 May 2019
 Weekend Four     Saturday/Sunday 12/13 Jan 2019  Weekend Four      Saturday/Sunday 01/02 Jun 2019
 Weekend Five      Saturday/Sunday 09/10 Feb 2019  Weekend Five      Saturday/Sunday 06/07 Jul 2019


The Cost of the Foundation Level from March 2019 is £1200.00.  (Early Bird Discounts and instalment plans available).

For full details and terms of acceptance contact  email:

Stage 1 – Foundation Level

The Foundation Level is mainly devoted to understanding Emotional Therapeutic Counselling and exploring the techniques it uses.  It includes communication and listening skills, resistance and reluctance, blocks to self-disclosure, anger, guilt and shame, fear, pain, addictive behaviour, the therapeutic relationship, confrontation, validation of emotional experience, healing the inner child, bereavement, hurt and loss, dreams, visualisations and imagery.

It involves workshops, lectures and discussion.  Students expect to work individually, in pairs and in groups of different sizes.  Students are encouraged to keep a personal journal.  They are required to keep a working record, in which they chart their progress through the course and in which they can incorporate their notes and numerous handouts.

Students who have completed Stage 1 Foundation Level but who do not wish to continue training as therapeutic counsellors, may be invited to become Friends of the Foundation.  For those who wish to continue training, an assignment and book reviews will be produced and assessed.   Progression to Diploma level training is by successful completion of this work and subsequent invitation to proceed.