Our training courses are divided into three parts – State 1 Foundation, Stage 2 Diploma and Stage 3 Advanced Diploma. We receive external verification for our training to ensure it continues to be robust, up to date, and fit for purpose, and that our students are supported throughout each stage. Our most recent external moderation report has just been received, following a visit on 13th October 2018.  Some comments include:

“It is essential to record that the quality of teaching and students’ engagement with the teaching and learning process is exemplary.”

“The assessment process ………. is exceptional. The comments from Mentors are supportive, encouraging, affirming and .”

“The External Examiner commends the Centre for its learning pathway and for its continuing commitment to high standards and quality in the delivery of its training programmes.”


Our Stage 2 Diploma Level is recognised by the National Counselling Society and is deemed to be equivalent to Ofqual level 4.  

The Stage 1 Foundation Level consists of 10 days spread over a 5 month period.  This course can be used for personal growth and development only and students will receive a completion certificate at the end of the course.  However most students, if invited to do so, opt to continue onto the Diploma Level.   Cick here to see full details of the Foundation Level.

The Stage 2 Diploma Level is delivered on a rolling programme of weekend days, and will take a minimum of eighteen months, and a maximum of 30 months to complete.  The course consists of a number of workshops and study days.  Upon successful completion of Stage 2 students will begin to work towards achievement of 200 hours of supervised practice, and will be encouraged to become an Associate Member of the Foundation and a student member of the National Counselling Society. Student are now ready to commence practising under supervision and to begin working towards Advanced Diploma Stage 3.  Click here for full details of the Diploma Level.

Stage 3 Advanced Diploma – practising therapists are encouraged to build up case studies over a minimum period of two years of supervised practice.  As a member of  of the National Counselling Society, and at the discretion of the Society, it is a route onto a national register of counsellors which is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority.Click here for further details.

Continuing Professional Development – Some of our diploma workshops are suitable as CPD for non members.  In addition we hold a number of CPD days for both members and non members.  A CPD certificate is provided.   Our current CPD days.

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